Easter Egg Dying with a One Year Old!

This is from a while ago, but I thought it would be nice to share it for those of you who will have one year olds for Easter next year. Josh turned one right before Easter this year, so he was a young one, but he still did great, and here is how:

I didn’t give Josh a ton of rules, just one: the bottom of the cup must stay on the ground. He did fantastically. I expected him to just dump each cup out but instead he only accidentally knocked one over. Just one, and on accident! Amazing! We did this outside in the yard and I had Josh’s Ikea artist smock on (though I realized later that it was not needed, I would probably do it again just in case). Know that the dye will also stains fingers, toes, arms, anything else it may touch! And get ready to be amazed by your toddler!


DSC05176 DSC05177 DSC05178




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