{Knee High Book Club} Dr. Suess’ “Green Eggs & Ham”

I am part of an amazing mom’s group in the town I live in and a few weeks ago I put out the idea of a toddler book club. The response was incredible! Every other week a different person will host the book club and choose a book as well as a themed snack and activity to go along with it. We named the group the “Knee High Book Club”. I am so excited to be a part of this!

I chose Dr. Suess’ “Green Eggs & Ham” because it is one of our favorites!


For food I made green deviled eggs with boiled eggs, cut in half and yolks removed. Then I mixed the yolks with avocado and yogurt (I was out of mayo and it was healthier anyway 😉 ) and some salt and pepper. I also made ham sandwiches (roasted ham, swiss cheese and dinner rolls) and served green grapes and orange baby carrots along with orange infused water.ImageImage

ImageWe began by reading the book then for an activity I bought orange paper plates and lots of cheap (dollar store) shaving cream. I put a pile of shaving cream on a plate and then a glob of green paint on top (to look like green eggs) and had the kids do some sensory painting! Some of the kids loved it, others (my son included) were not huge fans. I also put out the pool and water table for the kids to splash in and the swing and slides were out to play with as well!

We ended up with 10 moms & 13 minis in attendance and they all had a great time playing with each other and the activities that were set up, overall a fantastic play date!


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