Vinegar Ice & Baking Soda

This is another fun activity I found on Pinterest to do with Josh after his nap one day. I poured vinegar into some cute ice cube molds I got from Ikea and then added a little food coloring to each one and stuck them in the freezer for a few hours. (I think I did like 2-3 drops per but next time I will stick to 1 per). Then I added baking soda to the bottom of a baking dish and we headed outside. As the vinegar ice melted it reacted with the baking soda to fizz. It was a neat activity to teach colors and reactions.


20130802_151903 20130802_151917  20130802_15360120130802_153500

Towards the end he really just wanted to splash around in it, but he really enjoyed playing with it. As Josh gets older he will understand more of the why’s and it will become more of an experiment than just a toy, but I love that he got a kick out of it either way! Oh, and keep extra vinegar on hand for big reactions because while these fizz it isn’t a ton!


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