Nature Walk & Creek Exploration Playdate

Our backyard buts up to woods and there is an amazing creek about 1/4 mile from our house that we go and splash around in every once in a while. I decided to host a playdate and invite all of our friends to come and splash with us!

ImageI made bags of toddler trail mix filled with homemade cheddar crackers, apple chips, raisins & pretzel rods for all of the kiddos to munch on.


I made sure to tell everyone to wear play clothes and expect to get a little muddy! We left out once everyone arrived (15 moms and 18 kids, oh my!) and took the quick (maybe 10 minutes?) walk to the creek. It was a bit muddy thanks to all the rain we’ve gotten lately, but oh my goodness was the creek worth it when we arrived! It was moving a bit quicker than normal, but it was so nice and amazingly cool! The kids had a blast playing & splashing for about an hour before we headed back to the house to swing, slide and have fun in the pool!



(Can’t you just see the excitement in my kid’s eyes 😉 )

It was overall a great playdate, and if you know of any creeks near you I urge you to use them – – it was so nice to break out of the standard backyard playdate mold!


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