Peach Picking



Two Saturdays ago we decided to take the morning and head about 45 minutes up the road to Eutawville to go peach picking! There is a fantastic orchard up there and the peaches were ripe for the picking so we packed up a lunch and headed out as quick as we could! We got there around 9am and spent about an hour wandering around the orchard and finding the best peaches (and Josh was taste testing as we went!). We got a half bushel (about 27 pounds) for $17. You can’t come close to that at the grocery store…and they were local! We got enough to freeze, turn in to jelly & chutney and muffins! Josh really enjoyed the experience. When we were checking out I asked about a place to have a picnic nearby and I was pointed in the direction of a park about a mile away that was on Lake Marion. They had a great playground and dock as well. When we were out of the dock we looked over and saw what looked like a beach about a tenth of a mile away so we took a little walk, and lo and behold, it was a tiny gem of a beach just waiting for us to explore it! We couldn’t believe our luck! We stripped Josh down to his shirt and diaper and he had a great time splashing around and burning off some energy before his nap!





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